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AWS API Gateway with AWS Lambda

  Create AWS Lambda function To AWS API Gateway dashboard to create API Click Actions -> Create Resource Return lambda dashboard ->”API endpoints” to create GET request Return API Gateway and GET method created Click GET to set Integration Request Click Test to test API Reference

Create Radar Chart use flask

 create div for radar chart in html add  javascript to get data import data to radar chart create router in for radar chart data create router to render this html finish

3D Tag Cloud

Download library from goat 1000: TagCanvas – Downloads Use .js file download in above link <script src=”tagcanvas.min.js?2.9″ type=”text/javascript” async></script> Add Scripts to set tag cloud format and load tag cloud Add script to support change shape Create canvas to show… Continue Reading →

Add your website with HTTPS functionality use AWS ELB

Goal  Website is built in the AWS EC2, but it doesn’t enable the https. In order to add HTTPS functionality, we would like to create a ELB which listens to HTTPS and forwards HTTP to EC2. How Create ELB and… Continue Reading →

Get client-browser’s ip when page loaded by JQuery and Ajax

Each time when client open the page, we are wondering where the user comes from. If we can query the ip address when page is loaded automatically, it’s interesting.

How to invoke javascript functions when loading web-page

As our understanding, web-page is one of the event-driven environment. When loading web-page, we would like to set up callback functions with events. So we need to invoke init-script at beginning. The following is one of method for helping our… Continue Reading →

WordPress with live streaming

On our web portal, we would like to add a live broadcast channel, the first thought is to check wordpress plugins. We found videowhisper which offers several solutions.  As shown below, when the client side would like to  see the… Continue Reading →

Android Web APP Development

Android web app is simply using webview elements to present a RWD site, the efficiency is of course is to develop a native app will be relatively high, but the development time will be relatively long generally look 1-3 months… Continue Reading →

Use Python get Facebook post to DynamoDB

In order to collect data for deep learning, I try to get posts from facebook. I share the Python sample code to get facebook posts and pot into dynamoDB. Need to get facebook token from facebook developer page. Install facebook sdk pip… Continue Reading →

Tensorflow first experience – build develop environment

I am interesting in deep learning and I want to try tensorflow. I use python version of tensorflow and use jupyter web IDE.  The following is the process how I build development environment to run tensorflow sample code. My environment is… Continue Reading →

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