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Get client-browser’s ip when page loaded by JQuery and Ajax

Each time when client open the page, we are wondering where the user comes from. If we can query the ip address when page is loaded automatically, it’s interesting.

How to invoke javascript functions when loading web-page

As our understanding, web-page is one of the event-driven environment. When loading web-page, we would like to set up callback functions with events. So we need to invoke init-script at beginning. The following is one of method for helping our… Continue Reading →

Installation and the usage of node-sass

As below , we use node-sass 來作build sass to css practice Env setup and install the node-sass modify package.json scripts with following two lines package.json create bin/css 、scss folder and style.scss coding sass as below Run node-sass build style.css is… Continue Reading →

Add shortcode to show Gravatar on pages or posts

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