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April 2016

Android Web APP Development

Android web app is simply using webview elements to present a RWD site, the efficiency is of course is to develop a native app will be relatively high, but the development time will be relatively long generally look 1-3 months… Continue Reading →

Use Python get Facebook post to DynamoDB

In order to collect data for deep learning, I try to get posts from facebook. I share the Python sample code to get facebook posts and pot into dynamoDB. Need to get facebook token from facebook developer page. Install facebook sdk pip… Continue Reading →

Tensorflow first experience – build develop environment

I am interesting in deep learning and I want to try tensorflow. I use python version of tensorflow and use jupyter web IDE.  The following is the process how I build development environment to run tensorflow sample code. My environment is… Continue Reading →

Installation and the usage of node-sass

As below , we use node-sass 來作build sass to css practice Env setup and install the node-sass modify package.json scripts with following two lines package.json create bin/css 、scss folder and style.scss coding sass as below Run node-sass build style.css is… Continue Reading →

golang package managemant

In golang, we use go get to download package from github. Usually,the package in github needs new go version and  we cannot build source code correctly. We need tool to management golang package. We use gom to manage our golang… Continue Reading →

Add shortcode to show Gravatar on pages or posts

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