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(中文) [20170607 AWS Summit] 深入探討基於 AWS 雲端服務的企業數位轉型案例

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(中文) [20170427 iThome Chatbot Day] 對談式體驗設計的機會與挑戰

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facebook graph api upgrade and new access token

My access token of facebook graph API expired today. My facebook graph api accrss token has upgrade to v2.6 in facebook developer 2.6. But the facebook-sdk in my server olny support to v 2.5 and I saw the following error… Continue Reading →

use jupyter to develop spark application

I used to use jupyter develop R or python application. I found spark can be developed in jupyter and I try to use jupyter to build spark application. My environment is AWS EC2 ubuntu 14.04. Use Anaconda to install jupyter… Continue Reading →

hackfoldr service

I see a document sharing service “hackfoldr”. I am interested in this service. Open{project name} in browser Click project name and ethercalc spreadsheet will be opened Fill a name  in B1. This will be the title of the hackfoldr. Fill name in… Continue Reading →

How to use and test AWS API Gateway

  Open AWS API Gateway dashboard and create stage of API Click “Stage” => “Create” Deploy API Open “Resource” => “Actions” => “Deploy API” Deploy API to test stage Check API URL Download postman  Fill parameters and test API. Click… Continue Reading →

show Taiwan MAP on flask

  Get the json file of taiwan I use the project in github of g0v. Put json file in static/json of flask project Add taiwanmap.html and pad the following script in  taiwanmap.html Using js <script src=””></script> <script src=””></script> Add… Continue Reading →

First step of of Keras

  Install python3 -m pip install git+git:// –upgrade The Hello World of Keras is MNIST. Execution log: Change backend from theano to tensorflow cd ~/.keras vim keras.json modify “theano” to “tensorflow” Execute again.can see tensorflow was used. Reference

(中文) Google I/O 2016 Firebase part I – 從 GCM 升級到 FCM

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Hubot(the opensource chatbot)

1.installnode.js 2.install Hubot $npm install -g yo generator-hubot $mkdir myhubot $cd myhubot $yo hubot set adapter : AIM ChatWork Dasher Fleep Flowdock Gitter Gtalk Hall HipChat iMessage IRC Jabbr Let’s Chat Rocket.Chat Slack Skype Twitter Typetalk VictorOps XMPP We need create… Continue Reading →

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